I am in Year 7!!!!! :D

It is Friday the 13th Today!!!

So far, I love being in Year 7☺️! I managed to pass my grammar school test and go to the school I wanted to go to. I found out that there weren’t as many people in a room as I thought there would be🤭! I have met a lot of new people in my school ( friendly, fun teachers and funny friends) and I really like all the new subjets that I am learning in Secondary school! I am not as sporty as I was before but I still like drawing and playing the piano🎹. In one subject, we made our own pens out of acrylic blocks!!!

I am learning two languages in school:


Ich heiße Debbie. Und du?


Me llamo Debbie!

There is also a person in my class named Debbie, which I found confusing🤨 when I started because I didn’t know which Debbie our music teacher was talking about. Our music teacher’s name was Debbie by the way😆.

I sometimes feel a little sad when I think about all the friends I left in Primary School(and best friends 😭).

I now have taken an interest in coding🤪!

A bit of Pyhton

print(‘Hello World’)
guess=int(input(‘Guess the secret number!!!’))

A bit of HTML!

<h1 style=”color:blue;”> Hiiiiiiiii</hi>

In my opinion, I find HTML more exciting because you can add images,links,fonts and you can change the colour and size of text whilst python isn’t as pretty looking🤫.

When a house (In Year 7) gets the highest attendance out of all the other houses, our Head of Year would give everyone a sweet of their choice 🍭 🍬 but from next week, we will be given a real trophy🏆 to take care of for a week.

Overall, I love being in Year 7!!!


The Squirrel and the Cow

true story
Read The Squirrel and the Cow

Way in the future, there was a talking squirrel who hated nuts. All his squirrel friends tried to convince him but Alex was stubborn. Alex was the name of the squirrel who hated nuts. Instead of nuts, he would eat the grass while pretending he was a cow.

Alex’s friend Rorris had a similar problem with food. Rorris was a cow but was allergic to grass, he loved nuts but still wishes he could try grass. Rorris and Alex were best friends but, they had completely different personalities.

Alex loved farming while Rorris prefered to make art. Alex would always follow the same routine on the Youtube Channel “Squirrelling Scape!”. You will never catch Rorris ever using the same routine any day. Rorris Always does something very challenging but life-changing. Alex was always doing normal stuff(like doing PE, Cleaning the whole house and going out for a walk around the neighbourhood). Whenever he faces a challenge and fails, he would quit it immediately. Rorris would never quite a challenge that could be lifechanging. Even if he fails, he wouldn’t quit, instead, he would try to find out what he got wrong and practise it until he masters that skill.

One warm evening, Rorris thought about visiting Alex. Rorris sent an email to Alex to check if it was okay to visit his home. The email looked like this.

The next day, Alex found the message and Replied. Alex didn’t want to upset his friend so he said that he may come on Monday evening. The email looked like this.

Soon, Rorris received the email. Rorris was quite happy since he wasn’t able to see him in a while. Alex was not happy about his meeting because he doesn’t usually have visitors, The first visitor he ever had was Rorris, Alex accidentally made grass stew for him. Rorris sat at the table to drink the stew( it was in a mug) and while mistaking it for green tea. After he finished drinking the stew, he complained he was not feeling well. Alex called the hospital and they took him away for 2 days. Rorris still thought of Alex as his best friend.

From then on, Alex never visited Rorris. By now, Rorris had already forgotten about that incident. Before 2 weeks finished, Alex tried to eat nut’s and forget about grass. This was challenging for Alex but Alex kept telling himself ‘If I don’t stop eating grass, I may make the same mistake I made last time, and that was just scary’.
Alex did something he had never done before, he practised eating nuts for 2 weeks. Soon, he got used to the nuts and thought about making it his new favourite food. On Monday evening, Rorris came to Alex’s house. He was so surprised once he realised that Alex was eating NUTS! He was so surprised he jumped up and down whispering, ‘Alex has CHANGED! Alex has CHANGED! Alex has CHANGED!!! ‘

Once everyone found out he loved nut’s they celebrated by having
a nut feast.

Which Character are you? Are you like Rorris or Alex? If you are Alex, could you try to challenge yourself?


Im in Year5!

This Monday It’ll be my first day in Year5!

I’m exited to go back to school again, I will get to see my friends again and I could also learn something new,Anyway, if I dont go to school my parents will have to pay $60 fine!

Also check my youtube channel for more videos! I have 2 youtube channels, “debswonderfulblog” and “bendy debbie” . See you on my next post!

a video by me

Dexter’s Scientific Adventure

This story is about a boy called Dexter. He loved scientific discoveries because his older sister called Lila used to make money by making brilliant medicines that actually work. Lila didn’t care about the money, she just loved to save lives.

Lila wanted to be a scientist but her dad Cason wanted her to be an athletic because Lila was very fast and incredible at all sports, well that’s because she is forced to go to a sports club called ” Sportin up!” which was for teenagers.

Dexter didn’t like his dad because whenever he asked him a question he never listens and walk away but when he asked his mum a question she would answer them and write them in Dexter’s plain book so that when he forgets he could read what it means.

One cold evening,Dexter decided to invent a invention that could read minds. A few mysterious years later, He managed to invent the machine he planned to make all those years ago and soon became the richest boy in the planet.

Cason was surprised to see that his son has earned lots of money and is on the radio, newspaper and TV! Cason was so surprised and confused that he thought it was a dream ,but it was real…

When he woke up he saw Dexter and Lila watching TV while their mother was working on how to earn money. After a few seconds, Dexter notices his dad so he walks to him and gives him £1 billion. His dad then glares at him then at the money, He then gives his son a big hug for. After that Cason listened to whatever Dexter says and answered them correctly not because of the money but how he earned it.


Loom Bands

Loom bands are a kind of bracelet made out of tiny stretchy bands.  You could buy a full set of them if you buy within the 8 days remaining! They are at low price so please come and buy the Loom bands in there. If you do, you could sell them for 50p and then you have to get some friends to buy them.

Loom bands are amazing if you know how to make different kind of patterns with them, you could search online ( wikihow or other sites that tell you about this). You could even make a skipping rope with it! They are so many loom bands that you will want but please buy the colour changing looms because they would look beautiful on you.

Black Friday is an event that happens once a year on amazon, It’s where we get lots of new items for a limited amount of time. If you have a site, you could put the deals there and write about them, if you do, you may become rich.

In School

In school a girl in my class is selling loom bands and she has £6.00 because of this. She is also our F.R.E.E councillor of the class. Last year I was one but anyway, let’s get back to loom bands shall we?

     Last part.

Now you know what loom bands are, you can explore the creative side of you.  That’s the end of my text for now, See you later!


The Boy Who Saved the World with his Swallowing Machine.



This is a story about a boy who lived in a small house near a filthy street. In that street there was so many plastic bags that everyone had to squeeze to get through to go somewhere or returning back home. This boy was skinny so he did not need to squeeze through. Also, he had a notebook, and in his notebook, he had sketched an idea about a machine that could swallow all kinds of bags and then sort out the messy plastic bags and pile them nicely in his tummy.

This boy was called Tim. He loved to watch YouTube videos, especially those about scientific discoveries. One day while watching a random YouTube video, He thought of an idea. Not just any ordinary idea, an idea about making a machine that could wipe out all kinds of bags that had become an eyesore.

Tim had attended a science exhibition, so he decided to sign up for the school annual science exhibition contest. He made a machine called the paperpiler. After several tests and models, he assembled a machine that could use solar energy to suck all of the bags.

He decided to test out his machine, starting from the kitchen. He pushed the button to start his new invention. To his amazement his new creation zapped up all plastic bags on sight. The machine swallowed all the bags in his mum’s kitchen, his bedroom and the backyard. He was proud of what he had made.

 He quickly made his way all around his house all the mess was gone, just like that. Exited with all he had discovered, he presented his invention to his school workshop. After workshop he showed his parents his invention.

After that, they helped Tim make his machine better. The teacher went all over town on a mission to banish any loose hanging plastic bag all over town. After a gruelling hour of zapping and scooping plastic bags, they saw no bags anywhere at all. They were amazed.

When they got back to school the teachers said he could add another feature to the machine.

Tim continued to think ‘outside the box’, he soon discovered a way to improve the machine, the machine did not only just suck up bags but it also made delicious’s chocolate with a special ingredient that could make anyone healthy. With this discovery, there were no sick or unhealthy people in Tim’s world neither were there any polluted streets strewn with plastic bag. That’s how Tim saved the world.

I’m in Year 6!

This Monday (6th September 2021)

I’m nervous and excited for the incoming year!

I am NERVOUS because:

I am going to do a Grammar School test infront of HUNDREDTHS of PEOPLE(maybe evan thousandths!).

This is going to be my LAST YEAR in primary school( also last year learning with my friends!).

I have always worn skirts or dresses( since I’m not a big fan of leggings or trousers), but I have decided to get school leggings/trousers! I don’t know how my muslim friends are going to react.

I use to draw really bad drawings in school ,(that my friends said looked better than there’s!), but I started learning to draw quite nice(not perfect) cartoon drawings! I don’t know how my friends are going to react.

I am EXCITED because:

My mother is going to through a PARTY if I pass the Grammar School test.

My little sister is going to start Reception this year!

I’m going to move into a new classroom with a new teacher!I have heard rumors that the classrooms in Year 6 are very close to the school hall!

On the last day of Year 5, I got invited to join a New Music GROUP!Of course I shrugged but they mistaked it for a nod. Now I have 5 more friends!I’m not really sure If I will have time to play with them and my bestfriends though.

Other stuff:

I’m currently Reading the ChapterRuth” in the bible!

All About Me

Hi😊! I’m Deborah, although I’m usually called Debra! I like to sing and draw cartoon characters. Even though I’m nine years old, I’m starting to write the fourth page of my new book called “The Boy who played with Shadows”… I’m planning to publish it in about a year. I also live with my 4 siblings, I’m the oldest of my siblings. I have a YouTube Channel called ” Bendy Debbie”, and a blog called Debswonderfulblog. My full name is Deborah Moraa Bosire. I live in with my mother and father in our house, with a garden which is as big as one allotment. My Birthday is on June 2nd this year, a bit after my birthday, I’m going to get braces. My race is a black African, and I have 4c hair.